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This is a list of Real Estate brokers or agents who have registered with InvestPH.

To get the most accurate and valid information possible, Agents are only listed here if they pass all these requirements:

  1. They have a valid e-mail address
  2. They are registered as brokers (not property owners) with a broker number given
  3. They have at least one active property listing with InvestPH at this time
  4. They have logged in at least once to their InvestPH affiliate account
Agents are listed according to location (province and city). Click on their Affiliate Code to find all their current listings or Click on their name to view their profile and and other details. The (X:Y) values beside their names are their user ratings and means that the affiliate has a rating of X (out of a total of 5) and had a total of Y users rating them.
Image Agent ID Name Provice (City) Broker # # listings Date Joined
6203Heidy C. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0005289 47/15/2011
9011Analyn C. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)32/1/2012
12229Edwina . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0012022 74/29/2013
12512Ave . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)1274102146/7/2013
9263Ariel d L. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0003958 92/12/2012
12446Joselito f. . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)679516/5/2013
9664Jerry A. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)No14/2/2012
12180 noel M. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)114/25/2013
10875Jeryl leo M. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0005289 6911/17/2012
12398Ruth R. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0016574 56/3/2013
12181Noel M. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)354/26/2013
9141Paul M. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0002908 52/7/2012
12213Cherrylaine B. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0004835 104/29/2013
12236Shine L. (0:0)Abra (Bangued) 0006692 124/29/2013
9193Marlon C. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)-12/8/2012
12468Blaizel . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)000218596/5/2013
10576Joseph T. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)yes310/2/2012
10404Michael M. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0001960 338/26/2012
12497Katherene Q. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0005288226/6/2013
12182 enzo . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0005299 104/26/2013
11175Anna ryzza B. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)751/22/2013
3283Engr mavick d. G. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)0005009 278/7/2008
12394Jhun Q. (0:0)Abra (Bangued)263633316/2/2013
12537Rejienald . (0:0)Abra (Bangued)000620366/10/2013
5793Isagani B. (0:0)Agusan Del Norte (Butuan City)REB#0010681/1-4-2012126/1/2011
2086Marlyn J. (0:0)Agusan Del Norte (Butuan City)R.E.B. (PRC) 000858257/14/2007
10059Freddie D. (0:0)Aklan (Altavas)Yes1136/9/2012
9045Boracay N. (0:0)Aklan (Kalibo)12/3/2012
1864Rogelio jr. B. (0:0)Albay (Legazpi)ALB-REB-63(N)15/6/2007
10148Rowely C. (0:0)Antique (Pandan)0005901106/27/2012
9363Maria erna C. (0:0)Antique (Pandan)000590132/21/2012
5788Joseph C. (0:0)Batangas (Agoncillo)16087r95/30/2011
11545Joyce L. (0:0)Batangas (Balete)62/24/2013
11456Taft C. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)12/17/2013
9619Rosette B. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)-63/26/2012
10140Richard R. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)001233826/26/2012
9499Wennie B. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)0000917 43/8/2012
11928Cris C. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)001370384/1/2013
9603Melanie S. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)-93/23/2012
9359Dina U. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)0000140 192/20/2012
9590Mel J. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)-23/22/2012
9371Karl friedrich R. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)0003407 212/22/2012
9620Keith -. (0:0)Batangas (Batangas City)-43/26/2012
11160Erick B. (0:0)Batangas (Laurel)0007698 11/22/2013
1568Nestor D. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa)SL308244621/31/2007
9360Cheiro kim eliel L. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)000340752/20/2012
9546Bond anthony V. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)-43/14/2012
9834Ann loraine E. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)1254814/27/2012
11907Van A. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)0002021393/25/2013
9545Arlene M. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)-423/14/2012
9587Ric O. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)-163/21/2012
9418Mark R. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)0004524 192/26/2012
9366Lovelita M. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)0000452 312/21/2012
9584Mary grace L. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)-43/21/2012
8614Jun G. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)3678112/29/2011
9690Rose -. (0:0)Batangas (Lipa City)-134/6/2012
8941Nelly A. (0:0)Batangas (Nasugbu)000283861/28/2012
9594Joemel P. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)-303/22/2012
9580Ella V. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)-383/21/2012
9598Alma D. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)-73/23/2012
12177Arlene joanne C. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)342244/25/2013
9496Arlene joanne C. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)0003422 73/8/2012
9521Lyn B. (0:0)Batangas (Rosario)-513/11/2012
9805Joemz S. (0:0)Batangas (Santo Tomas)0001236 124/23/2012
9624Felisa C. (0:0)Batangas (Tanauan City)-23/26/2012
8459Jenalyn M. (0:0)Batangas (Tanauan City)411-REB-N212/13/2011
1083Camilo B. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio)BGT-029-RB27/1/2006
893Bong S. (4:2)Benguet (Baguio)BGT-223-RB14/8/2006
10397Home asia P. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)001083548/25/2012
9378Shirley L. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)205154932/23/2012
9616Mycah charlene -. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)-463/25/2012
7795Benjamin M. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)7997310/22/2011
8947Marlyn C. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)000564551/28/2012
10670Annabelle L. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)00022447410/13/2012
8946Nic S. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)2659955 21/28/2012
10944Goshen land capital -. (0:0)Benguet (Baguio City)-1012/3/2012
11316Juvie mark S. (0:0)Bohol (Dauis)000535922/3/2013
12290Emmalyn H. (0:0)Bohol (Duero)0930710008115/14/2013
8016Kathy J. (0:0)Bohol (Tagbilaran City)0002586911/3/2011
10886Edith C. (0:0)Bohol (Tagbilaran City)1111/20/2012
11165Nelrose A. (0:0)Bulacan (Bocaue)000326761/22/2013
11400Marvin M. (0:0)Bulacan (Bulacan) 00029661872/12/2013
7450Laarni M. (0:0)Bulacan (Bulacan)0003291910/6/2011
10379Rex L. (0:0)Bulacan (Bulacan)3148228/20/2012
9285Edwin C. (0:0)Bulacan (Calumpit)0004330122/13/2012
11824Emmanuel B. (0:0)Bulacan (Guiguinto) 0012966 63/17/2013
4518Mary ann A. (0:0)Bulacan (Guiguinto)001342049/3/2009
11662Ma. clarinda p. A. (0:0)Bulacan (Guiguinto) 000754553/2/2013
10651Michelle m. -. (0:0)Bulacan (Guiguinto) 0002966 210/10/2012
10820Vicky M. (0:0)Bulacan (Malolos City)-3111/6/2012
12387Merian joy M. (0:0)Bulacan (Malolos City) 0002966 785/30/2013
9992Mary ann A. (0:0)Bulacan (Malolos City)1342015/26/2012
8546Glenda M. (0:0)Bulacan (Malolos City)312/22/2011
11821Omar M. (0:0)Bulacan (Meycauayan City) 0003267 163/17/2013
9254Rowena B. (0:0)Bulacan (Meycauayan City)000015012/11/2012
9523Emmanuel V. (0:0)Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte City)-133/11/2012
12017Nelson B. (0:0)Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte City)-14/11/2013
9350Grace V. (0:0)Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte City)72/19/2012
9802Lorinda B. (0:0)Bulacan (Santa Maria)0005155104/23/2012
12355Jeff C. (0:0)Bulacan (Santa Maria)25/29/2013
5187Annie V. (0:0)Camarines Norte (Manila)617/26/2010
6663Alan Y. (0:0)Camarines Sur (Marikina)rebl1772228/20/2011
1149Tess G. (2:1)Camarines Sur (Naga)0017497/22/2006
5844Pamilo F. (0:0)Cavite (Alfonso)266/18/2011
5341Gerlie D. (0:0)Cavite (Alfonso)0007606339/30/2010
11252Liza C. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-531/29/2013
9746Marcia V. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)126634/13/2012
10276Jose glenn A. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0013572257/21/2012
9334Katrina L. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0007605 102/17/2012
9397Gregorio G. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0000760 112/24/2012
9336Weng R. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0007606 102/17/2012
12012Emil Y. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor) 0000174 1394/11/2013
12347Jenny N. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0007605105/27/2013
6605Volet A. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0002818188/16/2011
11034Mayeth A. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0000759 112/18/2012
9714Nikki M. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0005174154/9/2012
11549Josephine B. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)292/25/2013
10612Jhun L. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-1510/6/2012
12367Nilo S. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)355/29/2013
9759Arshe R. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0004559 94/18/2012
9413Richard A. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0001671182/25/2012
9346Deborah Y. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0007605 22/19/2012
5694Grace S. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-184/7/2011
9824Alex N. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0002820 134/25/2012
9229Joevel C. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-32/10/2012
10033Betcha R. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)66/5/2012
12375Jenny -. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-15/29/2013
11227Sophiana . (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)-21/28/2013
10866Angel R. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)12033211/15/2012
12292Tovi R. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)998155/15/2013
9352Bernando E. (0:0)Cavite (Bacoor)0007605 52/19/2012
9713Elaine C. (0:0)Cavite (Carmona)-534/9/2012
10425Vivian B. (0:0)Cavite (Carmona)0011809 378/31/2012
2387Cheng R. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite)on process2510/22/2007
1170Rolando J. (3:1)Cavite (Cavite)16640(R)157/31/2006
6902Helen B. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite)49/6/2011
1689Peter P. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite)1234543/20/2007
2777Chona R. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite)1163014/8/2008
1160Melanio T. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite)12134R147/29/2006
9761Ernice F. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0007606 74/18/2012
12121 shayne H. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City) 0718959304/16/2013
11273Agnes C. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)-201/30/2013
11556Ronnie D. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)-312/26/2013
9806Cristina S. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0013768 54/23/2012
11961Neil M. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0003549 304/3/2013
11657Belardo O. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0001622 223/2/2013
9763Allen M. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0001262 444/18/2012
9740Veronica M. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)0005174 204/13/2012
10001Mira A. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)5179105/27/2012
11816Fe molines N. (0:0)Cavite (Cavite City)43/15/2013
11066Cristina S. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas) 0002900212/27/2012
10399Josie C. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)1263108/26/2012
9454Jayc C. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)0004462 443/2/2012
9586Cora B. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)-223/21/2012
9812Joemar A. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)0005154 214/24/2012
9510Helen grace L. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)0000827 423/10/2012
5701Rafael D. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)1504/13/2011
8808Maribeth M. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)PRC-REBL # 000663511/17/2012
9825Michael A. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)0000616 894/25/2012
12529Mark christopher B. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)000379136/10/2013
9719Marites A. (0:0)Cavite (Dasmarinas)-194/10/2012
1127Myla P. (0:0)Cavite (Gen. Mariano Alvarez)607/15/2006
11294Mau M. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)0004524 61/31/2013
9743Nenette C. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)0003222 304/13/2012
12450Maricor S. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)000514916/5/2013
11409Marlene G. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)0012314 4612/12/2013
1903Chona R. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)0004462325/17/2007
9711Karen B. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)-334/9/2012
9642Jane E. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)-713/28/2012
9292Eugene B. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias)0000054 212/14/2012
11993Jerick C. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias) 0005149 304/9/2013
11962 ilany c. D. (0:0)Cavite (Gen.Trias) 0005149 54/3/2013
11922Emy S. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)43/28/2013
8372Cheche A. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)51742812/3/2011
9998Meanne E. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)135/27/2012
11272Donnie ray F. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0001357 301/30/2013
10499Analissa A. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0003450 299/17/2012
11519Analissa A. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0003450122/22/2013
8516Trisha P. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)412/17/2011
11207Jj A. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0013567 11/26/2013
9733Nenita A. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0000303294/12/2012
9804Carmi B. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0001539 274/23/2012
11671Filprimehomes F. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)01357213/3/2013
9745Che ann D. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0002824 344/13/2012
10486Jessa H. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)-439/13/2012
8304Beng D. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)517411711/28/2011
10530Wally N. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)0109/23/2012
11046Robina P. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)-1812/24/2012
9549Chet T. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)-693/15/2012
11408Belinda C. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)000345062/12/2013
7184Fhaye B. (0:0)Cavite (Imus)189/21/2011
10498Edgar thomas B. (0:0)Cavite (Kawit)0209/17/2012
5721Jerwin L. (0:0)Cavite (Manila)544/20/2011
8300Rhems D. (0:0)Cavite (Rosario)00003262111/26/2011
10690Cesar A. (0:0)Cavite (Rosario)1110/18/2012
9419Mona L. (0:0)Cavite (Silang)0017241 152/26/2012
12383Thessa S. (0:0)Cavite (Silang)-295/30/2013
9169Myrna V. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)000148852/8/2012
8854Grace P. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)0001488 31/20/2012
10017Melvin A. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)000148865/31/2012
11317Ms. lyn -. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City) 0022984 22/3/2013
12350Nora . (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City) 0012512255/28/2013
9170Melvin V. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)000148852/8/2012
11695Ana C. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)0022984 63/5/2013
11913Cristina D. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City) 0003372 63/26/2013
11540Nora B. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)001251232/23/2013
4948Catalino jamil A. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)PRC Lic. No. 001104234/9/2010
9168Alysa L. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)0001488 52/8/2012
11163Ezekiel C. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)0001488 41/22/2013
9881Jam F. (0:0)Cavite (Tagatay City)0001488105/4/2012
11082Richard D. (0:0)Cavite (Tanza)0003791401/3/2013
6970Deys B. (0:0)Cavite (Ternate)89/12/2011
6971Des Z. (0:0)Cavite (Ternate)109/12/2011
10261Cavitehomesonline Z. (0:0)Cavite (Ternate)107/20/2012
10302Partnershomes Z. (0:0)Cavite (Ternate)107/27/2012
9728Lailah A. (0:0)Cavite (Trece Martires City)0005154454/11/2012
6517Gus A. (0:0)Cebu (Alcantara)0006041 208/8/2011
5979Arcelito M. (0:0)Cebu (Alcantara)PRC Reg. No. 0005391936/28/2011
10943James O. (0:0)Cebu (Alcantara)-3712/3/2012
787Daisy M. (2.4:5)Cebu (Cebu)Reb. Lic#2007-S-2-153 ( N32/25/2006
913Marlin O. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)On process84/18/2006
1142Liza O. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)224R257/19/2006
2224Glory mae S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)REB: 2007-125318/28/2007
2102Enriqueta C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)118517/17/2007
1787Manuel A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)1185144/16/2007
1836Gerry Y. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2007-446(R)14/30/2007
2327Gary M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2007-1302(N)19/29/2007
440Rodolfo M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2004(88)R224/5/2004
1230Junroe L. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)856178/30/2006
2191Ac A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2007-1042(R)38/21/2007
776Gerry Y. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)44622/19/2006
1051Jessica S. (3:3)Cebu (Cebu)2007-1326 (N)536/18/2006
942Manuel A. (3.5:2)Cebu (Cebu)2006-1185(N)265/4/2006
2133Mercy M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)3441547/26/2007
2173Ma. liezl P. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)103338/13/2007
2319Rick F. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2009 - 1678 (N)209/27/2007
848German C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2007133533/20/2006
2554Fanny H. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)under process21/17/2008
1274Christy T. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)224(R)19/15/2006
2299Gary M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)2007-1302(N)29/18/2007
5963Sheila F. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu)1096106/27/2011
9538Orvil M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000709 253/14/2012
10806Arcelito M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005391211/2/2012
770Florentino N. (3:2)Cebu (Cebu City)8875202/17/2006
8233Fanny H. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)13953111/21/2011
9289Mae C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)1253 102/14/2012
6149Gold felix jr. S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)PRC REB License 000570327/12/2011
9532Junroe L. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000591 283/14/2012
11708Arlyn C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)1334789623/7/2013
8880Dennis mark E. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)31/23/2012
10878Spy M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)REBL-PRC NO 1369211/18/2012
12366Oliver B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-595/29/2013
11722Jason mark A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 0000709 543/8/2013
12197Sheila F. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)887444/27/2013
9535James M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)1334789413/14/2012
12106Mokdan -. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000173274/16/2013
9252Billie S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)00058011802/11/2012
9879Anthony -. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)9423456 365/4/2012
9533Melodia lanete . (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005731 283/14/2012
10071Sheila F. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)000887466/12/2012
9539Iris ann michelle B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005788663/14/2012
1352Mercy M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)LIC# 2008 S-4-1395(N)410/22/2006
11757Honey joy B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-593/9/2013
11789Jona H. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 4071325 323/12/2013
9908Almirante H. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005812 145/9/2012
10933Leslie O. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)yes212/1/2012
10755Selgas R. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)110/23/2012
11531Jevy V. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0001731262/23/2013
11738Juviemark S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 0005359 343/9/2013
10358Teresita E. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)238/12/2012
11784Kristine T. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005731173/12/2013
12090Raymund B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-154/16/2013
10717Condophilinvest -. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 709510/18/2012
4222Ricardo R. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)225/30/2009
11092Cebu P. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)709351/7/2013
9380Krismond G. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005721 462/23/2012
11718Crisanto J. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0014181 133/7/2013
11188Lanie rea S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)2009-S-3-134861/25/2013
11343Merlyn M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 0007790422/4/2013
1041Reichmon D. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)lic#2008-s-13-3124(N)36/12/2006
9253Mark V. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000709 292/11/2012
10412Zaldy Z. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)No48/29/2012
11471Spy M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0001369132/18/2013
11651Crib E. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)001399513/1/2013
10326Gladys lovella B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)yes928/1/2012
9536Sunshine . (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0008198533/14/2012
10406Gladys lovella B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)----> call Realtor SAMUEL98/27/2012
12278Erwin U. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)70915/14/2013
9284Joy P. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0791428152/13/2012
10329Loue M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)108/2/2012
11763Susan071 -. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0014187303/10/2013
9061Merlyn M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)000779052/3/2012
9534Nilo B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)9071966 203/14/2012
9379Richard S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)000070982/23/2012
11852Helen A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000173403/24/2013
7470Gil A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000008 12010/7/2011
9889Ramon c. S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)00000888195/5/2012
9843Mark S. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0014187174/27/2012
9531Almirante H. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005812273/14/2012
10235Daisy A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)37/13/2012
11716Gloria O. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)23/7/2013
11355Evelyn C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-82/5/2013
9569Gina quinones . (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0001439 33/19/2012
8653Barry C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)61/2/2012
5367Sheila F. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)88741410/15/2010
8315Nelson B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)RE Lic 2008-S-42-660(N)1311/28/2011
8166Mark L. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)12711/16/2011
11787Oliver C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 0006406 43/12/2013
11733Gus A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0013932 393/9/2013
9537Aileen M. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005391 403/14/2012
1285Medardo B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)PRC 820619/18/2006
9208Joy A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005695152/9/2012
9509Kets B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)1573/10/2012
10473Zuich consultant Z. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)00010222419/10/2012
10528Junel N. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-69/23/2012
11352Mary jane D. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-142/5/2013
11401Stephanie marie O. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0001428 322/12/2013
12514Joy flores A. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City) 0005695226/8/2013
9251Frank C. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0005359882/11/2012
11713Lougene s. B. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)0000709 243/7/2013
11040Anilou T. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)912/19/2012
12388Allan annwang P. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)-135/30/2013
10130Erwin U. (0:0)Cebu (Cebu City)00007097486/26/2012
10222Jinky I. (0:0)Cebu (Compostela)PRC00604017/10/2012
9930Alexis V. (0:0)Cebu (Consolacion)155/13/2012
12368Anthony L. (0:0)Cebu (Cordova)-9155/29/2013
12083Rio B. (0:0)Cebu (Danao City)14209334/16/2013
1012Grace G. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-lapu)414176/5/2006
11097Danny S. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)709101/9/2013
4184Dionisio B. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)2008-S-1-1122(N)55/19/2009
8579John paul P. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)1612/27/2011
9575Sigfredo A. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)785213/20/2012
4269Alfred S. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)538176/13/2009
9250Danilla V. (0:0)Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City)0005731 802/11/2012
2317Cebu jt land realty J. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)PRC Reg No. 005328139/24/2007
2605Rosemareza A. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)1063112/6/2008
2280Jose "joe" E. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)PRC Reg No. 005328179/12/2007
1141Tessie A. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)REL 2008-s-1-1222(N)167/19/2006
11790Susana p F. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)0014187 93/12/2013
1517Tessie "tess" E. (0:0)Cebu (Liloan)REL 2008-s-1-1222(N)111/16/2007
1019Jose milagros E. (4:1)Cebu (Liloan)PRC Reg. No. 005328176/6/2006
2166Dennis C. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue)2009-1678(N)808/11/2007
2167Alberto V. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue)1033118/11/2007
2168Ryan P. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue)103318/11/2007
9513Fred A. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue City)0007852 133/10/2012
10887Spy M. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue City) 0001369 611/20/2012
8577Danilla V. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue City)0005731212/26/2011
11229Almirante H. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue City)-11/28/2013
8610Leonil R. (0:0)Cebu (Mandaue City)1112/28/2011
12377Deboura B. (0:0)Cebu (Minglanilla) 0008900 395/29/2013
775Edwardo C. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay (Cebu))2004-444(R)82/19/2006
537Roger G. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay (Cebu))SEC Reg No. CS2004252991012/28/2004
11623Richard B. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay City)141102712/28/2013
9210Ciara N. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay City)000-573172/9/2012
11468Joean B. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay City) 3134800152/18/2013
11696Iamciara -. (0:0)Cebu (Talisay City)0014072 43/5/2013
2686Alice M. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)REB LIC 104713/17/2008
2145Brein C. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)1194 (N)48/5/2007
1985Josephjine G. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)On process16/13/2007
2802Josue M. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)127714/13/2008
861Marilyn M. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)1067(R)33/27/2006
2785Manny A. (0:0)Cebu (Zamboanga)1185(N)14/10/2008
1390Mike T. (0:0)Daval Del Sur (Cebu)295611/10/2006
1578Bobby C. (0:0)Daval Del Sur (Davao)REL #:XI-13812/7/2007
6317Noel S. (0:0)Davao (Davao)000698117/26/2011
2493Marie lou A. (0:0)Davao (Davao)XI-06-195112/13/2007
1860Awing O. (0:0)Davao (Samal)XI-20-156-2 (N)15/6/2007
8378Awing O. (0:0)Davao del Norte (Samal Island Garden City)Lic No. 11-06-156-2 (N)912/3/2011
7526Awing O. (0:0)Davao del Norte (Samal Island Garden City)Lic. No. 11-06-156-2 (n)110/12/2011
9178Rhoda C. (0:0)Davao del Norte (Tagum City)9926352/8/2012
11590Richard D. (0:0)Davao del Norte (Tagum City)0003414 102/27/2013
12474Jj S. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)86/5/2013
9382Faith L. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)0062475 202/23/2012
9848Jovencio C. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)000787824/28/2012
9381Sonia H. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)0006997 312/23/2012
12447Carya G. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)000706416/5/2013
6316Noel S. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)000698117/26/2011
10801Adrian B. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)0007066210/31/2012
11333Vincent ligan T. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City) 0003414 52/4/2013
11559Jeanett G. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)NO NUMBER YET72/26/2013
9028Opalyn C. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)698352/2/2012
1296Dhines L. (0:0)Davao Del Sur (Davao City)XIII-SDS-01-2007RS19/21/2006
6666Jennifer A. (0:0)Iloilo (Iloilo)Yes28/20/2011
2456Ritche A. (0:0)Iloilo (Iloilo)4-VI-476(R)111/23/2007
5768Gloria G. (0:0)Iloilo (Leganes)YES135/17/2011
6158Ralyn D. (0:0)Iloilo (Manila)Yes1797/13/2011
1268Reynaldo D. (4.5:2)Isabela (Santiago City)ISA-REB-08-011209/14/2006
10676Christopher luigi R. (0:0)La Union (Balaoan)0005970110/15/2012
6121Adrian alex V. (0:0)La Union (San Fernando (La Union))217/7/2011
2483Maribeth O. (0:0)La Union (Zamboanga)I-LAU-REB-31512/6/2007
12247David P. (0:0)Laguna (Alaminos)15/2/2013
6634Ezron W. (0:0)Laguna (Alaminos)1538/17/2011
9638Phillip G. (0:0)Laguna (Alaminos)-73/27/2012
10181Lemuel I. (0:0)Laguna (Bay)0012201 107/4/2012
11940Harold A. (0:0)Laguna (Binan) 0012201 104/1/2013
12401Kathy C. (0:0)Laguna (Binan)-26/4/2013
9506Mila D. (0:0)Laguna (Binan)0004448 93/9/2012
11933Letty c. S. (0:0)Laguna (Binan)2881243114/1/2013
7738Leo T. (0:0)Laguna (Cabuyao)00003085310/20/2011
9990Carina G. (0:0)Laguna (Cabuyao)001292185/26/2012
12057Lolly S. (0:0)Laguna (Cabuyao)2142960 204/14/2013
9398Rizza A. (0:0)Laguna (Cabuyao)0002960 442/24/2012
1581Martie S. (0:0)Laguna (Calamba) 12/7/2007
1082Lamberto D. (0:0)Laguna (Calamba)2141527/1/2006
11166Bing D. (0:0)Laguna (Calamba City)127410261/22/2013
3764Santy D. (0:0)Laguna (Calamba City)468081/23/2009
8940Raisa H. (0:0)Laguna (Calamba City)000026151/27/2012
9799Jose ramon V. (0:0)Laguna (Luisiana)1202854/22/2012
1519Cecile C. (0:0)Laguna (Muntinlupa)ASO91-194-33311/16/2007
12226Alma P. (0:0)Laguna (San Pedro) 0004679 104/29/2013
9797Darnie J. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Cruz)12087124/21/2012
4530Feliciano T. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)PRC Reg. # 000218119/9/2009
11548Rizza P. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)000345942/25/2013
11598Ellenrejano -. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)0004041192/27/2013
9673Jo -. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)-44/3/2012
8095Amie F. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)3637311/9/2011
10018Nathaniel A. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)46/1/2012
3732Catherine A. (0:0)Laguna (Santa Rosa City)PRC License No. 147101/16/2009
2216Estrelita L. (0:0)Laguna (Zamboanga)1839818/27/2007
6392Alan angelo P. (0:0)Lanao Del Norte (lligan City)28/1/2011
11090Carmina R. (0:0)Leyte (Tacloban City)587381/7/2013
1728Fidela L. (0:0)Marinduque (Quezon City)18608 (R)33/29/2007
9687Alessandra zeta Z. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City)0007755154/5/2012
1758Nelson C. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City)2008-10-099 (R)414/7/2007
9995Aldin M. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City)2009-S-3-134825/26/2012
10685Guia D. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City)0013878610/16/2012
11601Amy M. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City) 2008134 142/27/2013
9675Rodolfo D. (0:0)Misamis Oriental (Cagayan De Oro City)14/3/2012
2478Manny F. (0:0)NCR ()123013712/3/2007
2190Gigi V. (0:0)NCR (Alaminos)1605418/20/2007
2482Dorothy M. (0:0)NCR (Alaminos)expired512/5/2007
2656Cath T. (0:0)NCR (Alaminos)1887963/4/2008
1786Jay D. (0:0)NCR (Angeles)REB-PGA-212(R)34/16/2007
1483Eugene M. (0:0)NCR (Angeles)REB-PGA-07-1394212/28/2006
417Juden S. (0:0)NCR (Angeles)REB PGA 196(R)52/24/2004
2904Maria cinderella M. (0:0)NCR (Angeles)REB-PGA 08-21125/8/2008
1144Ma. aleli T. (0:0)NCR (Antipolo)030503327/19/2006
841De silva realty C. (5:1)NCR (Antipolo)169673/16/2006
2269Home asia properties &. (0:0)NCR (Baguio)BGT-217-RB49/11/2007
1277Eric M. (0:0)NCR (Baguio)1425089/16/2006
1927Nick M. (0:0)NCR (Baguio)BGT-226-RB135/24/2007
2085Tina S. (0:0)NCR (Cabanatuan)NE 06-00857/14/2007
2147Jane M. (0:0)NCR (Calamba)on process18/6/2007
2480Maria cecilia O. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)7412/4/2007
9473Harry M. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0002966223/6/2012
9115Carmelita D. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-12/6/2012
1690Rommel D. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)1914833/20/2007
9060Ian paul G. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-232/3/2012
9641Lita P. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-23/28/2012
264Arnel M. (3:1)NCR (Caloocan City)REB-NCR-19999(N)-08135/23/2003
11652Christy-ann S. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)1159013/2/2013
9396Rejin I. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0711011 152/24/2012
8804Grace -. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)21/16/2012
11277Cheyserr R. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-231/30/2013
10533Armand S. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-629/23/2012
11938Connie s. P. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City) 0001341 24/1/2013
11678Patrick C. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)1606713/5/2013
1994Ron M. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0001303236/15/2007
4541Rowena E. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)YES479/12/2009
10466Teresita C. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)000097659/7/2012
9527Keith S. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-433/12/2012
11777Rodel D. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)00034431953/12/2013
9485Edna S. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0003382 633/7/2012
10229Imelda U. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)001187717/12/2012
12425Carl Y. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City) 00118852536/5/2013
11157Krislinne O. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)000528811/22/2013
8280Fedel C. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)211/24/2011
9182Jess F. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0037911 52/8/2012
878Ed C. (3.2:5)NCR (Caloocan City)20128N1804/2/2006
8865Kid V. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)311/20/2012
9323Giovanni D. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)0001875 142/16/2012
11269Russel S. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)-241/30/2013
2095Lexwell B. (0:0)NCR (Caloocan City)RE Lic #2008-S-26-1122(N)197/16/2007
1700Peter P. (0:0)NCR (Cavite)12345763/22/2007
2316Margie O. (0:0)NCR (Cavite)1791749/24/2007
2096Ma. sandra L. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)RELIC#2008-S-30-1122(N)67/16/2007
1283Leticia T. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)839(R)199/17/2006
3893Janette N. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)1020302/20/2009
2884Alice M. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)reb lic.#104715/2/2008
3534Alexander L. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)2007-1042(R)810/29/2008
1078Rodney M. (4.3:3)NCR (Cebu)2009-S-6-131236/30/2006
1945Elso N. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)2007-1082 (R)26/1/2007
2939Maricel C. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)DTI Lic.#2008-s-4-1119(R)135/22/2008
2739Jonel A. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)83/29/2008
1746Almirante H. (0:0)NCR (Cebu)174/4/2007
784Sheila F. (2:1)NCR (Cebu)2007-1096 (R)12/22/2006
1093Romarie M. (0:0)NCR (Davao)04-032(0)167/4/2006
2143Awing O. (0:0)NCR (Davao)XI-06-156-2 [N]18/3/2007
376Raul A. (0:0)NCR (Davao)REL No. X1-06-048(R)1211/4/2003
3737Jerald F. (0:0)NCR (Kalookan)41/17/2009
2678RealtorŪ al r. bentulan B. (0:0)NCR (Lapu-lapu)141163/14/2008
504Realtor melvin O. (0:0)NCR (Lapu-lapu)410209/8/2004
2691Rene A. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)NCR-19596123/18/2008
2083Venice B. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)1900617/14/2007
2744Fernan B. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)1882213/31/2008
1269Consolacion M. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)1728719/14/2006
4920Xenia E. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)1770143/25/2010
2464Fernan B. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas)18822811/25/2007
12079M picana -. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0010973 204/16/2013
12423Elma A. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-526/5/2013
8945Amomacries realty C. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)000808251/28/2012
9142Ian joseph F. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0005288 1802/7/2012
6038Dom D. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)349767/2/2011
12109Riza R. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0000303 344/16/2013
9173Prudence Y. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)000446312/8/2012
9236Bienvenido O. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-112/10/2012
11337Mikko P. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)001917822/4/2013
9863Robert M. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)000766924/30/2012
9726Mariss S. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-114/11/2012
9920Frederick A. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)00079455/10/2012
9734Evelyn -. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0000992 454/12/2012
9969Melody D. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0006929105/20/2012
8578Ronald M. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0002868112/27/2011
2860Dhang C. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)154/25/2008
11104Christopher P. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-1751/10/2013
9727Marilyn V. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0000683 214/11/2012
9186Randy B. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)0003713 62/8/2012
9555Zeny A. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-113/16/2012
10371Lorraine B. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-4448/16/2012
11118Jordan C. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)11/15/2013
6582Divina V. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)-358/13/2011
8322Gina M. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)1811/29/2011
10234Jose P. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)11622497/13/2012
2151Anna A. (0:0)NCR (Las Pinas City)19332148/7/2007
2397Marie J. (0:0)NCR (Makati)202704610/27/2007
508Manley S. (0:0)NCR (Makati)116R810/1/2004
874Janice D. (0:0)NCR (Makati)83/31/2006
2775Carlette R. (0:0)NCR (Makati)884/8/2008
1145Rovel T. (0:0)NCR (Makati)IV-008-027-200617/20/2006
1074Praise R. (3:3)NCR (Makati)c-1468(r)956/28/2006
1898Cherry R. (0:0)NCR (Makati)1727585/16/2007
939Marsel F. (4.7:3)NCR (Makati)IV-008-027-2006135/3/2006
1967Gerry C. (0:0)NCR (Makati)1686046/8/2007
1177Everra R. (0:0)NCR (Makati)17369(R)28/3/2006
5127Daniel D. (0:0)NCR (Makati)REBL NO. 20008-00792016/30/2010
2926Nelson B. (0:0)NCR (Makati)17061(R)5315/13/2008
2937Johanna P. (0:0)NCR (Makati)17441-R15/21/2008
1393Odilon D. (0:0)NCR (Makati)2320 (exp. Jan. 2014)111/12/2006
707Faye A. (0:0)NCR (Makati)C-1478(N)411/23/2005
2702Rudy C. (0:0)NCR (Makati)17664R13/19/2008
2415Anna M. (0:0)NCR (Makati)19377 (N)911/6/2007
1751Jhoanna V. (0:0)NCR (Makati)19592 (N)-08184/5/2007
961Rene B. (3:1)NCR (Makati)2222145/11/2006
665Czarina C. (0:0)NCR (Makati)16687R49/20/2005
1570Bunny D. (0:0)NCR (Makati)15502(R)41/31/2007
900Gen limoso S. (0:0)NCR (Makati)11475R754/12/2006
1020Pinoy R. (0:0)NCR (Makati)14335(R)596/6/2006
755Resty A. (0:0)NCR (Makati)72/8/2006
578Gloryby M. (0:0)NCR (Makati)18466143/23/2005
2201Kirk A. (0:0)NCR (Makati)733178/22/2007
91Anna S. (3.5:4)NCR (Makati)18182-0846/24/2002
9406Aurora elena T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)YES102/25/2012
8802Karla T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)31/16/2012
11724Janine P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-193/8/2013
10745Myles B. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)910/22/2012
10210Junilyn A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002900 667/9/2012
8258Neil V. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)611/23/2011
9540Resaleph -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0011331 373/14/2012
9280Arnold E. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-42/13/2012
9437James D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0004172 182/29/2012
8902Leny S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000870711/25/2012
9145Reggienald M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005287 42/7/2012
9154Sharon rose C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0022489 422/7/2012
11810Gerard F. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0012372293/14/2013
9131Jimmy A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002296 682/6/2012
9062Jc N. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)135935532/3/2012
11318Gilbert A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005288 52/3/2013
8644Manny V. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000253611/2/2012
11349Mark jonathan A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000290042/5/2013
6835Brokerhouse I. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)2959/1/2011
8538Cor D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City) 0003707 712/21/2011
11896Gemma A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000290073/25/2013
9008Emee M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)32/1/2012
9752Condocentral 8. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0010408104/16/2012
9048Ron S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0009146 52/3/2012
8186Condocentral C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)200083911/17/2011
4147Rcd land P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)998175/5/2009
10050Nan L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)01036/9/2012
5928Jovy B. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000359056/24/2011
10058Jhonas A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005288 1006/9/2012
10084Joseph P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)36/18/2012
9573Myla -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-903/20/2012
12364Bong L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-135/29/2013
5065Christian C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)NCR-21066-03137225/29/2010
10123Mark D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1101002 76/25/2012
9267Share a condo -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-12/13/2012
11282Cesar D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-361/30/2013
10403Mylene -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0138/26/2012
9118Koti P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-22/6/2012
9599Pinky S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0001040 93/23/2012
12441Kaye F. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-296/5/2013
10246Ian Q. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)00127802287/16/2012
9215Gen lee academy events -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-12/9/2012
11826Dmci S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)473/17/2013
10798Ivy moreen D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)11316210/31/2012
11634Jun A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002791 832/28/2013
10097Lenearl R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-2926/19/2012
9278Jennifer A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0007245102/13/2012
7367Deborrah M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0000616 109/30/2011
7524Condo central .. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)4610/11/2011
10166Frances Y. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)27/1/2012
12422Tanchanco 1 world -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-96/5/2013
12445Domz N. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)8071985 296/5/2013
9073Wildan B. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-12/3/2012
9027Sharon O. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)00052881262/2/2012
11031Michael C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0088888112/18/2012
11259Emanuel A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-691/29/2013
12459Caloy L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City) 0003707 1156/5/2013
10255Romy D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-407/17/2012
10845Cesar R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)111/11/2012
10124Allen P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0001593 596/25/2012
9019Alvin B. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0003652 12/1/2012
10147Jenneth C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-466/27/2012
9818Peter paul V. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005287 104/25/2012
8460Rocel M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)00040531812/13/2011
12420Gary M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-836/5/2013
10141Kmc mag group inc. -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005239 3576/26/2012
11246Anthony S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002985101/29/2013
11506J L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)12/21/2013
9116Jun S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-1762/6/2012
11280Jake M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-121/30/2013
9139Corazon L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)REBL 936212/7/2012
10513Camille M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)69/20/2012
12196 nesrey B. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0000196 174/27/2013
11686Dandy C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0011793 143/5/2013
9528Paul emmanuel M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000290083/13/2012
9010Lowell D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005288 932/1/2012
9605Michael L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0001238103/23/2012
10430Bing D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1274102 328/31/2012
9199Remily S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)52/9/2012
11128Zenith R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)REBL# 1328881/17/2013
1699Cindy M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)939053/22/2007
9637Archie C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-313/27/2012
11403Sweet success -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-2662/12/2013
8871Ma-an mangalindan -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)51/23/2012
9326Noreen . (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1716108122/16/2012
10142Jvillas I. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)9981126/27/2012
11702Luxury real estate A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1727513/6/2013
9452Irma veronica T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0001816 693/2/2012
10855Henry G. (0:0)NCR (Makati City) 0012758 39111/13/2012
12369Arnel . (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-445/29/2013
9753Jmmvrealty R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)998194/16/2012
12140Brigitte N. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000398034/23/2013
10534Darlyn D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1428112 269/23/2012
11161Hope O. (0:0)NCR (Makati City) 001429371/22/2013
12386Madel H. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-4515/30/2013
12249Samuel Y. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)001446815/3/2013
10368Glenn D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000517128/15/2012
8333Solomon T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)10910N111/30/2011
11158Venchito S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000528811/22/2013
9200Dexter A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)42/9/2012
12532Rejienald F. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000620316/10/2013
10274Jasmine T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002900 1737/21/2012
12429Harlene S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-1216/5/2013
10909Gemma A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City) 0002900 111/22/2012
12120Peter V. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0003642 204/16/2013
8390Hodiah C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)9981712/6/2011
10171Lynnard C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0020009 587/2/2012
11384Mark R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0004524382/6/2013
9312Joan Q. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0004909122/16/2012
12458Jhoann U. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-426/5/2013
11951Brokerhouse I. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0010408134/2/2013
8645Hodiah C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)998141/2/2012
12415Tj E. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-56/5/2013
10211Marand real estate A. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000905417/9/2012
12438Malou O. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0002900 826/5/2013
9040Rcd land P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)998162/2/2012
10780Glennn D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)00051712410/29/2012
4131Jerry paul C. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000211124/30/2009
919Gloryby M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)1592434/21/2006
8843Tertius L. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)141/19/2012
9181Rene R. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0000275 52/8/2012
9235Nash T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-12/10/2012
10970Marie antonette D. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)5212/12/2012
11153Aurora elena T. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000290091/22/2013
8308June S. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)4837311/28/2011
9224Cheng -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)-92/9/2012
9164Tim P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)000455632/8/2012
12527Sha M. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)4269617196/9/2013
9152Ailyn V. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0005287 2152/7/2012
4896Rcd land P. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)998183/13/2010
9467Dk limitless link realty -. (0:0)NCR (Makati City)0003022 293/5/2012
1332Remy D. (0:0)NCR (Malabon)17939(R)410/9/2006
9272Joel T. (0:0)NCR (Malabon City)-22/13/2012
1094Vic C. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong)17477(R)27/5/2006
1971Philproperties R. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong)2082966/10/2007
918Glenda W. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong)17770314/20/2006
2321Ginny C. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong)169/27/2007
8590Lia P. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)3540112/27/2011
10464Tess R. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)1352449/6/2012
9030Catherine L. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)-42/2/2012
10567Melrose A. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)29/30/2012
10673Faith L. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0004078610/15/2012
11989Gon L. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)14/8/2013
12066Grace -. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0003382 274/15/2013
8397Fulgencio jeronimo R. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)24141612/6/2011
11247Ryan M. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0000274 1081/29/2013
9232Dryx J. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)-52/10/2012
9269Ethel L. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)-12/13/2012
8874Royce real estate brokers -. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)21/23/2012
11170Baby D. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0001604 71/22/2013
9187Erwin M. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0003907 62/8/2012
11216Grace -. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0003382 51/26/2013
9283Ronnie R. (0:0)NCR (Mandaluyong City)0002414 92/13/2012
2515Alma L. (0:0)NCR (Mandaue)0600007201/2/2008
406Edwin M. (0:0)NCR (Mandaue)1016-R31/28/2004
2438Almirante H. (0:0)NCR (Mandaue)2311/15/2007
1897Robert raymund C. (0:0)NCR (Mandaue)2008-1462 (N)35/16/2007
228Ritche A. (0:0)NCR (Mandaue)VI-0476-773/17/2003
9551Joseph -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1133/15/2012
11274Albert -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-3071/30/2013
11386Lj -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)222/6/2013
10304Joseph q. B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002989 27/27/2012
10427Joven S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-678/31/2012
12419Christine jennifer D. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0015441 816/5/2013
9213Karen O. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/9/2012
9276Vench S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-142/13/2012
11228Vench S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)11/28/2013
11071Gerard Q. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005289 112/27/2012
9597Katrina -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-53/23/2012
11813Marivic A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002511 143/14/2013
6188Michael A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000473317/14/2011
8873Niņo N. (0:0)NCR (Manila)51/23/2012
9128Jovy C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0006346 302/6/2012
1989Kate T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18879316/14/2007
10402Paul G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1228/26/2012
11621Jesse T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-262/28/2013
9274Clark K. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-102/13/2012
9151Neljie G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004584 62/7/2012
1428Rey S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)SA300832311/29/2006
11223Ryan M. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 000021511/28/2013
9941Hermie lyn A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0012801 115/16/2012
1551Lally C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18268 (R)21/26/2007
9188Jackson L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)20380001242/8/2012
10233Janeth L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-617/13/2012
9718Darwin L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-334/10/2012
9872Insight property markets -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0006086 495/3/2012
9649Maria olivia M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-213/30/2012
9462Mark T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-153/5/2012
9677Jey E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)2614/4/2012
10504Michelle M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-279/19/2012
12385Carlene F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1365/30/2013
9339Mayeth A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000759 202/17/2012
9837Neilo A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002853 244/27/2012
11257Rachel ann -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0007039191/29/2013
9033Nelia S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/2/2012
9697Rachel F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-84/7/2012
9877Thess G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0008082 175/4/2012
9222Kim D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-222/9/2012
11555Cesar D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-372/26/2013
9070Willinden U. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/3/2012
9013Connie mae B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0014564 3802/1/2012
8990Antonio A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001812 51/31/2012
10275Jemson G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-597/21/2012
11749Nelson B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-233/9/2013
9522Jolly T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-633/11/2012
4164Sonia L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)001076385/11/2009
10613Josephine B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-5010/6/2012
9668Armando S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-794/3/2012
9016Linda B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0452/1/2012
11357Ronalyn P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)3292/5/2013
10221Catherine T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-577/10/2012
10098Jenny -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-656/19/2012
10052Angela R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1356/9/2012
10529Jul -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-979/23/2012
9009Lord L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000274 1082/1/2012
10821Job R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-15811/6/2012
11525Sharon rose C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0022489 192/23/2013
9965Virgie L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000760615/19/2012
10051Renne I. (0:0)NCR (Manila)06036/9/2012
11385Rafael V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/6/2013
1341Glennis N. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18844210/12/2006
9330Rex D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-402/16/2012
9479Lawrence M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005179 373/6/2012
9951Bernard D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003630 1995/18/2012
12058Terra L. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0013689 154/14/2013
9041Abegail J. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002991 192/2/2012
12003Dennis P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0012841444/9/2013
9298Hans T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001894202/14/2012
10921Cristine B. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0002900 42411/26/2012
9659Lorraine L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-84/2/2012
11411Jaime C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0011630 332/12/2013
9708Shine L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-214/9/2012
11571Harris B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005488 202/27/2013
11617Cherrie ann P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004278182/27/2013
5746Evangeline E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)2735/4/2011
10535Carlo G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-469/23/2012
9055Aster M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003590 582/3/2012
1816Johanna A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18966(N)44/23/2007
9476Ennen A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000029473/6/2012
9069Kat E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/3/2012
11534Prosperity H. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 000327932/23/2013
11379Boom D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1792/6/2013
9662Jerry O. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-264/2/2012
9736Edgar E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-24/12/2012
9124Mary jean S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/6/2012
9582Rosalie G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-103/21/2012
11597Lovelyness v V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1234567 32/27/2013
10764Champs M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004262 110/25/2012
11102Rea D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-41/10/2013
12428Maricar D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-76/5/2013
10816Beth P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-911/6/2012
12382Shalom T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1675/30/2013
9127Edmund T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000979 32/6/2012
11615Maricon m. D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0012420 182/27/2013
12436Jm L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)176/5/2013
9949Pete R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-155/18/2012
9328Delfin F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-112/16/2012
9803Melfin M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001987 84/23/2012
10610Mark adrian -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1910/6/2012
9136Joy -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/7/2012
10218Ronald S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)639107/10/2012
10172Mikko P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002908 5917/2/2012
11383Charito V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1032/6/2013
11406Marivic P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)8944109 172/12/2013
9242Manila best homes -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-82/10/2012
9826Jaccel A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001122 264/25/2012
12061 rochelle T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0669902274/14/2013
9348Carlo C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-172/19/2012
11217Robby G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0932200 51/26/2013
9179Mary ann M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005288 42/8/2012
9050Mj D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003426 122/3/2012
9279Rooms 498 5. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-52/13/2012
11240Jedrick G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)00029001281/29/2013
2535Eva B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1882211/12/2008
11366Jedrick G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002900 42/6/2013
9053Kervee G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005287 272/3/2012
10055Liezl A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-546/9/2012
1024Jullanna M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)REB-NCR-00000(R)-0886/7/2006
10527Arlene D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-89/23/2012
12070Elena T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002900 104/15/2013
9950Yash M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-7255/18/2012
9166Reyoh J. (0:0)NCR (Manila)82/8/2012
9189Jaime S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003414 52/8/2012
9149Chiz C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000341452/7/2012
11353Kaze D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-212/5/2013
9942Rona G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002974 1975/16/2012
9432Brian T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004524 382/28/2012
9204Mina -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/9/2012
10532Jason N. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-209/23/2012
11267Mylyn R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-341/30/2013
10609Michael T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0510/6/2012
11268Love C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0019177 3991/30/2013
1175Victor C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)16170(R)78/2/2006
9519Jaypee B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-13/11/2012
10847Abraham Q. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-5511/12/2012
10357Al C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000067 218/12/2012
11344Mark anthony T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)001179312/4/2013
10254Angelie A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-197/17/2012
12449Lew andrew T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-356/5/2013
12426Kay V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000196 196/5/2013
9936Home . (0:0)NCR (Manila)1745512 155/15/2012
9478Bien S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005179153/6/2012
9927Caeser L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001488 385/12/2012
12372Lyn P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1545/29/2013
11164Matt Q. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-11/22/2013
12538Mae M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-406/10/2013
11619Myra M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005254 42/27/2013
8084Melissa A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000709 7711/9/2011
9621Rommel S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-353/26/2012
11636Elegant houses -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-112/28/2013
9126Monique A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/6/2012
1329Ernesto T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)132742310/8/2006
9985Vangie E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0010263 425/25/2012
10526Lalaine angela C. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0003125199/23/2012
11663Zyd C. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 1219198 183/2/2013
9699Dang L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1344/7/2012
11242Angelo G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-371/29/2013
11173Lloyd S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-31/22/2013
9822Jocelyn -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0007700 964/25/2012
9776Manny D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002900 14/19/2012
9052Ethon D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003438 32/3/2012
9361Abegail D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-32/20/2012
10220Rosemarie A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-87/10/2012
9593Brian R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-33/22/2012
9828Joy S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003630254/26/2012
11279Mary ann C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-371/30/2013
9874Tonio R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)25/3/2012
2231Elizabeth B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)16858-2(N)09158/31/2007
11414Ash R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-602/12/2013
6204Myeth L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)97/15/2011
11359Richelle C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003661 572/5/2013
10054Marco E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)3978136/9/2012
9556Gemma C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1413/16/2012
9579Michael C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-323/21/2012
10057Jojo -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0012183 336/9/2012
9281Manny P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0010973 132/13/2012
9144Ado A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003414 52/7/2012
9121Shiela M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/6/2012
12464Jean P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-3916/5/2013
11774Catherine . (0:0)NCR (Manila)-773/12/2013
11256 jhoyjhoybhest jhoyjhoybh -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-5771/29/2013
9029Gladys B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004136 32/2/2012
11451Rowena manera T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000027412/17/2013
10864Susan C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)6429111/14/2012
6601Jason L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)#121318/15/2011
10723Janessa U. (0:0)NCR (Manila)110/19/2012
12452Nikko A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-316/5/2013
9226Erwin C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-92/10/2012
9203Patrick L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/9/2012
10531Johari S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-109/23/2012
10815Liezel C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001130 6011/6/2012
899Dr. ramonleo G. (3:6)NCR (Manila)PRC Lic. No. 5743094/11/2006
9074Rafa C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/3/2012
11101John stephen L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0301/10/2013
9372Gary D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003450162/22/2012
10846Nicolex development corpo -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-911/12/2012
11284Christine M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-921/30/2013
9066Global shelter -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0262/3/2012
10056Fresnedie H. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005289 2466/9/2012
11599Prell t. P. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0002148 62/27/2013
10823Aries Y. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1311/6/2012
12097Amycalyn . (0:0)NCR (Manila)-14/16/2013
9741Debbie M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0012937 144/13/2012
9143Bhaby A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000040762/7/2012
9827Pearl V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000327564/26/2012
9498Vyma E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004524 293/8/2012
10503Rick V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-69/19/2012
10941Danilo A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1012/3/2012
11270Bernadette R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-801/30/2013
11261Richard john T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-3961/29/2013
9129Arthur O. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003382 852/6/2012
9578Rachel F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-233/21/2012
11593Bland R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0011645 102/27/2013
10219Jamaica kim C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-297/10/2012
9850Dorothy L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004182204/28/2012
11728Jaymee E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-423/8/2013
11155Jimmy G. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0005288 21/22/2013
12509Raquel R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-16/7/2013
10374Erwin B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)674518/17/2012
9192Camille alessie B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-32/8/2012
9123Nepo R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/6/2012
10053Veronica M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-106/9/2012
11579Elizabeth D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000589 232/27/2013
11281Demose S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-821/30/2013
9767Ricky J. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0006356 274/18/2012
11387Mary grace E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-632/6/2013
10826Camille -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-2111/6/2012
11167Carlo jesus . (0:0)NCR (Manila)0006087 21/22/2013
9046Vanessa E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000341452/3/2012
9054Edward O. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005188 52/3/2012
6435Marisse S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0007266 108/3/2011
9140Babes R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0017314 52/7/2012
467Glenda T. (3:1)NCR (Manila)17770116/21/2004
9781Frances C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003713 134/19/2012
2050Mitch L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)27/5/2007
10981Edge R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)11972112/17/2012
12432Elena B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)36/5/2013
1263Karen M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18754(N)39/12/2006
9707Alfred G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-74/9/2012
9515Anna camille -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001152 403/10/2012
12541Jenny M. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 2753819146/10/2013
9461Lita L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002598 843/4/2012
1243Mary grace L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)092788129/5/2006
11224Janete P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-11/28/2013
9174Mercy J. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002629 52/8/2012
9314Rey G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003767 62/16/2012
9832Orlie V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000468 414/27/2012
11275Elyn S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-231/30/2013
9337Bien S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005179 2582/17/2012
9228Rcdc property -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/10/2012
11103Gelby E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-71/10/2013
9205Anna C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-52/9/2012
9394Vic U. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004347 102/24/2012
9935Alan B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0000536 85/15/2012
11558Mirasol C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-202/26/2013
9214Quezon city homes -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-42/9/2012
9071Lee K. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/3/2012
9125Dunhill S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-32/6/2012
10453Anabel B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002900 319/4/2012
12457Angel . (0:0)NCR (Manila)566/5/2013
11770Sandra M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-173/12/2013
11358Mafie S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1712/5/2013
9592Peter S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-133/22/2012
8026Maricel G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)911/4/2011
9331Faye P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003248 52/17/2012
10874Aldrin H. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0004708 5411/17/2012
9829Chirstin M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1183624/26/2012
9623King carlo F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-283/26/2012
12371Alveo land corp. -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)1175/29/2013
10253Karen S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0005289 2207/17/2012
11633Julie G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-42/28/2013
11610Mark anthony F. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0005288132/27/2013
7419Emerson T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002407 1510/5/2011
10920Bambi A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0006203 10811/26/2012
9191Angel A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/8/2012
9477Jay H. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001488213/6/2012
11747Ryan P. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0004752 253/9/2013
11226Cardz V. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 002298411/28/2013
9789Melvin A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001488 2374/19/2012
11106Vincent G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1001/10/2013
11412Annabelle S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001142 252/12/2013
11618Gladys B. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 0004136 42/27/2013
2330Gene A. (0:0)NCR (Manila) 00262913310/2/2007
9031Nars D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/2/2012
9194Marilyn S. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-12/8/2012
10817Marlon G. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-611/6/2012
8441Phil.professional realty P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)2823112/11/2011
11295Kris ann c A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003782 61/31/2013
10393Aldrin H. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0004708 568/23/2012
6864Glenn D. (0:0)NCR (Manila)000517159/2/2011
10848Brandon P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-3711/12/2012
5132Vangie E. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0003585107/3/2010
11461Mico A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0646884 22/18/2013
9234Normita A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-52/10/2012
12414Rozhelle F. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-116/5/2013
3240Tin O. (0:0)NCR (Manila)18097-08207/28/2008
9689Vicky C. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-44/6/2012
10127Sharee V. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002900 1196/25/2012
9271Chris shiela B. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/13/2012
9217M.r. L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-22/9/2012
9766Ann L. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0002199 64/18/2012
9735Kathleen joy M. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0024900 204/12/2012
11278Kenneth A. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-171/30/2013
9712Bridget R. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-34/9/2012
9663Shopnshave -. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-74/2/2012
9294Ron T. (0:0)NCR (Manila)0001894 122/14/2012
10880Roberto I. (0:0)NCR (Manila)-1511/19/2012
9738Tess P. (0:0)NCR (Manila)9193204/12/2012
2473Ian O. (0:0)NCR (Marikina)19287411/28/2007
2677Karen L. (0:0)NCR (Marikina)1641413/14/2008
2005Corazon R. (0:0)NCR (Marikina)1237426/18/2007
3101Ian O. (0:0)NCR (Marikina)1928716/17/2008
7781Jessica R. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)00010761710/21/2011
1535Jessica R. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)DWR-REB Lic.No. : 1076221/22/2007
2028Evelyn E. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)in royale homes marketing1716/27/2007
9355Mark -. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)7271987 32/20/2012
11967Amoadmin -. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)0005267114/3/2013
11798Myelin b F. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)000117473/12/2013
9365Jessica R. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)0001076 282/21/2012
4962Elsa G. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)974/16/2010
9313Roger C. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)0010757 62/16/2012
6783Ernesto T. (0:0)NCR (Marikina City)REB PRC 000117548/27/2011
2054Dindin V. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa)1908257/6/2007
2869Myla M. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa)1957724/28/2008
1403Roselle D. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa)13245611/19/2006
2244Pat T. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa)13146R19/4/2007
9633Mhaan M. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)-43/27/2012
10392Iris mae M. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)0005055 1378/23/2012
9742Lyn B. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)0003669 154/13/2012
8640Ariel L. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)000395811/2/2012
9137Helen M. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)-12/7/2012
9109Maricar S. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)Yes32/5/2012
5383Anthony rosar B. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)2749418210/21/2010
941Ariel and roselle A. (1:1)NCR (Muntinlupa City)543328465/4/2006
11776Edna D. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)0003630 183/12/2013
11151Anthony B. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City) 0001686 141/22/2013
9585Lotti O. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)-33/21/2012
9468Dl A. (0:0)NCR (Muntinlupa City)0004524 573/6/2012
1456Nestor T. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)11385112/15/2006
1669Carmen D. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)16442R13/12/2007
2339Carmen D. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)16642R310/5/2007
2471Dennis E. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)17564111/27/2007
1421Mhay S. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)0911/26/2006
2124Lambert M. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)1276017/24/2007
1357Lorelie C. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)1800000310/25/2006
2530Mhar A. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)11/11/2008
2204Danilo C. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque)18017(N)18/23/2007
8232Alain L. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)1611/21/2011
3615Tony G. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)18234511/26/2008
10153Lizette R. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)015426/28/2012
9417Andrea C. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0001119 252/26/2012
9500Adiel R. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0000181 913/8/2012
9729Jorgine shane B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)-244/11/2012
11956Kristina rebecca B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0003317204/3/2013
12431Jasmin F. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0003039 236/5/2013
10863Gemma B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)311/14/2012
7270Francis S. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)49/25/2011
9455Angel M. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)00000799983/3/2012
10537Leo B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City) 0011720 249/23/2012
9373Rolly B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0004372 202/22/2012
9665Diane -. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)-584/2/2012
10500Jorgine shane B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City) 0006628 1689/17/2012
11373Emil Y. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0000174 162/6/2013
9813Lau C. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0002590 614/24/2012
9869Jam A. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)001270015/2/2012
12408Danilo M. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)1551226/4/2013
9795Mary ann L. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)219924/20/2012
9660Mark kenneth B. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)-224/2/2012
9903Giann karla m. L. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)25/7/2012
6577Ms. flor accredited agent T. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)001356758/12/2011
10541Gabriel R. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)000881219/24/2012
9905Olive C. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)592175/8/2012
9018Virgie N. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0003713 2442/1/2012
9808Maria elena P. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0000145 544/23/2012
9911Mona lissa L. (0:0)NCR (Paranaque City)0003661 205/9/2012
4704Charisse N. (0:0)NCR (Pasay)212/1/2009
1618Joseph C. (0:0)NCR (Pasay)62/19/2007
1958Alexis T. (0:0)NCR (Pasay)18924N16/6/2007
1886Vicky C. (0:0)NCR (Pasay)17268225/12/2007
12434Dennis B. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-16/5/2013
9706Joel M. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-134/9/2012
9939Ralf roger T. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)0013076105/15/2012
8934Dj D. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)000452451/27/2012
10277Donada P. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)001129627/21/2012
9138Metro D. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-12/7/2012
10411Rene D. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-2168/28/2012
10623Ernest P. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)510/8/2012
10258Cristel B. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)27/18/2012
10209Rowena V. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)0013239 57/9/2012
8689Abigail A. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)379351/5/2012
12465Analyn c. C. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)001642636/5/2013
9065Arjay A. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-12/3/2012
9428Joseph C. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)0007256 152/28/2012
12462Gia P. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-336/5/2013
12456Rick -. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)-166/5/2013
10481Christopher B. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City) 000379159/12/2012
9674Giselle D. (0:0)NCR (Pasay City)0009089 54/3/2012
1004Marichu E. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)16100R36/3/2006
1064Eugene V. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)agent276/22/2006
1596Riza C. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)142/15/2007
2564Richard C. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)1717711/22/2008
2240Raul P. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)1946619/2/2007
1607Bmi R. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)17245N22/17/2007
857Emanuel F. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)1230123/25/2006
6922Bernadette M. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)109/7/2011
545Ellen G. (5:1)NCR (Pasig)084-R81/16/2005
1069Charlie R. (3:1)NCR (Pasig)750016/23/2006
507Cemh R. (1:2)NCR (Pasig)08499/11/2004
2919Lucy G. (0:0)NCR (Pasig)1931215/12/2008
10611Marissa L. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-510/6/2012
9114Jeff thadeus M. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-32/6/2012
11481Philuscan I. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)1046512/19/2013
9020Luis P. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0482/1/2012
12183 analyn F. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0004524 304/26/2013
12406Jake L. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)16/4/2013
9057Frederick E. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0005560 12/3/2012
9429Marj B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0002934 202/28/2012
9389Antonio U. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0005504 162/23/2012
9438Pcode991 V. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0004392 1862/29/2012
11848Jonas M. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)000739663/23/2013
8287Rambert C. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0003033511/25/2011
3393Lee J. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)1234519/9/2008
9968Ellen G. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)000071145/20/2012
9696Jean B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-14/7/2012
11854Naranja realty -. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0002160 83/24/2013
8625Malu b. D. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)112/30/2011
11594Tcv C. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)001161532/27/2013
11909Edward N. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)000216033/25/2013
9270Premi B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-192/13/2012
3559Emelita P. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)PRC #0009245411/9/2008
9625Delia U. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-343/26/2012
5569Jose celis V. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)52/8/2011
11655Ninorey chua B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0000618 103/2/2013
9345Jean B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0002896 202/19/2012
12448Rachelle D. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)Pasig City16/5/2013
10129Irene carla J. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0005288 16/26/2012
11512Aida S. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)339012/22/2013
9051Antonio U. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)550452/3/2012
11169Jess B. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0011028 101/22/2013
4253Gina P. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)116/6/2009
12374Twigs G. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-915/29/2013
9190Judith S. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)0008435 32/8/2012
9322Lemuel F. (0:0)NCR (Pasig City)-252/16/2012
1384Jojo G. (0:0)NCR (Puerto Princesa)IV-08-004-2006(RB)5311/8/2006
10424Mae C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-308/31/2012
1313Rufino V. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)3302(R);Reg. No.2006-126639/30/2006
8472Cora U. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0000167512/13/2011
10942Diana S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-4512/3/2012
1639El C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1920362/22/2007
3949Kathleen klein O. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)18148123/9/2009
10484Gordon S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-89/13/2012
7796Carina D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0012432710/23/2011
2907Nika P. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1916445/8/2008
9147Diana C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003414402/7/2012
9445Sandra G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002973203/1/2012
909Garfunkel T. (4:1)NCR (Quezon City)1094934/16/2006
12373Noe christian N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 0012189 395/29/2013
10075Bombet A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000138316/15/2012
6296Dan G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)001213757/22/2011
566Lito G. (4:1)NCR (Quezon City)1212/23/2005
11761Tony and jp reyes -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 0000773 403/10/2013
10946Maricel A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-7412/3/2012
10624Jonathan R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0004643110/8/2012
10370Emanuel C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 0005576 138/16/2012
9153Marianne L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003766 42/7/2012
4035Property search N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)NCR-2002054/1/2009
677Ricardo B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)12705110/4/2005
9233Jucelyn H. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-52/10/2012
10979Tyrone L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0000188412/16/2012
9720Francis D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-1184/10/2012
8377Leo M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)7164512/3/2011
11194Kristine joy I. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 0012841121/26/2013
980Antonio L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)540515/22/2006
9611Karen M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-473/23/2012
11200Obet G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0010715 31/26/2013
2395Victor D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)19465(N)110/26/2007
11254Rai D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-2971/29/2013
9319Joseph P. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)122/16/2012
12519Ronald N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000870576/8/2013
10387Engr. rommel D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000449428/22/2012
24Leo M. (2:11)NCR (Quezon City)16738(R)198/2/2001
611Melyn P. (4:3)NCR (Quezon City)12563R66/13/2005
11033Marifil R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0004996 112/18/2012
10641Tereza b. D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003443210/10/2012
1733Nancy G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)14680 R13/30/2007
1441Jacquiline rubin F. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)01012/6/2006
7306Lynn M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0005195109/28/2011
5660Dan A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000195633/21/2011
1959Carlo M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1893916/6/2007
10352Cayetano B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)001344118/10/2012
11159Miguel Z. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)5692468 31/22/2013
2162Janet J. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1941728/9/2007
9991Ethel Q. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0012020 115/26/2012
903Nora R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)rebl 675474/13/2006
11903Adhomes realty corporati -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0000069593/25/2013
10429Ma. lourdes R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0006807 198/31/2012
233Tricia S. (3:1)NCR (Quezon City)1861964/1/2003
9518Charito D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002097 323/11/2012
10076Lean roy S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1220916/16/2012
6186Salvador "judd" jr. Q. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)PRC LIC 000094327/14/2011
9206Lein T. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-52/9/2012
6389Alain L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)389747/31/2011
11162Genaro R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0012841261/22/2013
9327Winston G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0007825 152/16/2012
10117Jhen V. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0004392526/22/2012
9227Allan christopher C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-102/10/2012
9973Paolo D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)95/22/2012
12074Zyd C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1219198 34/15/2013
8540Jm M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)7412/22/2011
6347Edgar B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)RES 8807147/27/2011
834Emelita O. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)none13/14/2006
9702Maricella M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-44/9/2012
9782Jordan O. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003276 524/19/2012
8803Juan R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)31/16/2012
1541Vicky B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)19515N391/24/2007
9610Vison links -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-93/23/2012
10469Luciano S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000836919/10/2012
1564Emma S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)3469 (R)91/31/2007
12453Ann D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)342916/5/2013
2938Alvin R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)19363 (N)15/21/2008
10426Sandra D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 0002973 688/31/2012
10684Elvira D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)11765110/16/2012
11725Elegant houses and lots -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-893/8/2013
11711Wilma I. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)002373103/7/2013
7878Josephine Y. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002784610/26/2011
10766Wilma S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002373510/26/2012
9146Wilma S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002373202/7/2012
10926Eric E. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0000069711/27/2012
11035Cynthia Y. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002215 112/18/2012
12455Dante V. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000970166/5/2013
1526Chard G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)3718591/18/2007
10205Jordan O. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000341427/7/2012
9240Evelyn S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)18700172/10/2012
9209Louella L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)00093 52/9/2012
1157Omar C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)On Process127/28/2006
2551Luigi S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)C-1003 (R)21/17/2008
1314Cathy Y. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)16425110/2/2006
9873Dondi F. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0000279 1405/3/2012
7125Riza R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000034949/19/2011
4114Willy C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)44/27/2009
9003Servillano Z. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000092222/1/2012
2293Leila A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)19097-R129/18/2007
9014Mario T. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)22/1/2012
10869Donelio P. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)111/16/2012
9512Erwin D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003443 613/10/2012
9650Dolores D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-763/30/2012
1374Diane M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)17527 (R)511/1/2006
11499Bayo condotel and suites -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0005632 12/21/2013
10617Nichelle M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-7110/6/2012
10586Tency A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)237410/4/2012
11084Cynthia Y. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0002215381/3/2013
5338Clovie G. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)19/27/2010
8478Maria theresa C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)7978112/14/2011
8862Noemi R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000320341/20/2012
10536Mirriam P. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-119/23/2012
10030Anthea F. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)001507766/5/2012
4319Nadia D. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)000975766/29/2009
10897Anna A. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)35661211/20/2012
11979Jp C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1606724/5/2013
9300Maria vanessa E. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0003414 202/15/2012
4823Rays P. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)ncr2115712/10/2010
6257Grace B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)Yes47/19/2011
11730Ace L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-173/8/2013
807Arturo M. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)18028(R)183/5/2006
9025- -. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0001388 62/2/2012
11086Lemuel F. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)1338491/5/2013
10688Jhen O. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0004731210/17/2012
11083Cor S. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City) 00037072241/3/2013
9068Felix C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-22/3/2012
489Georgia S. (5:2)NCR (Quezon City)1235538/24/2004
1760Arnel B. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)024/8/2007
9632Jun C. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)425143/27/2012
8135Ann V. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)00004851311/12/2011
300Antoniette N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)14628-R77/5/2003
1995Licor R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)3949-R66/16/2007
9938Charlene love N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)001292555/15/2012
9231Rhoda L. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-72/10/2012
9039Nem N. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)0008705 shangrilaestate U32/2/2012
655Ellen O. (3:1)NCR (Quezon City)650131689418/31/2005
12463Heart R. (0:0)NCR (Quezon City)-226/5/2013
2610Margaret C. (0:0)NCR (Roxas)1810722/7/2008
2084Carla E. (0:0)NCR (San Fernando (Pamp.))PRC 00000968837/14/2007
3135Danilo R. (0:0)NCR (San Fernando (Pamp.))PGA-07-156(N)956/24/2008
3552Jimi E. (0:0)NCR (San Fernando (Pamp.))reb-pga-09-3142011/6/2008
9486Chiara M. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)0003450 403/7/2012
10405Bianca S. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)-328/26/2012
3791John L. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)17235401/29/2009
9730Royce G. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)1198574/11/2012
967Ning M. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)1856355/15/2006
1210Edmundo A. (0:0)NCR (San Juan)PRC-159148/18/2006
2038Ampy L. (0:0)NCR (Sorsogon)7451247/2/2007
1201Nelson C. (0:0)NCR (Tagaytay)REBL12066168/16/2006
2246Ariel R. (0:0)NCR (Taguig)1937539/4/2007
2658Jennifer M. (0:0)NCR (Taguig)19275(N)13/5/2008
837Walter B. (0:0)NCR (Taguig)88113/15/2006
6452Wilma V. (0:0)NCR (Taguig)5287928/4/2011
10843Aubrey T. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0014816811/10/2012
10128Bestvalueformoney G. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)276/26/2012
10282Danilo jr. M. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)001048317/22/2012
11974Jase D. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0005288 174/3/2013
9034Rolly A. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0001459 102/2/2012
9395Caren T. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0005039 162/24/2012
10431Welmo F. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0005049 3288/31/2012
9977Jeannie R. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)000263635/23/2012
9576Jacqueline P. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-63/20/2012
12536Reign M. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-6056/10/2013
11276Affluent properties -. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-4981/30/2013
11368Mariciris -. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0010408382/6/2013
5643Jackson L. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)REB-NCR-01746 63/13/2011
9329Gab S. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-192/16/2012
9520Sherie lyn T. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0004584293/11/2012
9007Jen D. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0000274 202/1/2012
9207Diana rose S. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-52/9/2012
11402Thomas jake S. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)-2312/12/2013
10074Francesca S. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)02086/14/2012
9388Josephine R. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0005200 192/23/2012
7922Lubar D. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)338213710/30/2011
9351Boyet G. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)32/19/2012
9517Caren T. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City)0001065 233/10/2012
12523Caryl M. (0:0)NCR (Taguig City) 000317986/8/2013
1693Antonio A. (0:0)NCR (Valenzuela)NCR-19354-081363/20/2007
12010Erlinda B. (0:0)NCR (Valenzuela City)-54/11/2013
10070Lilibeth F. (0:0)NCR (Valenzuela City)0010408 1926/12/2012
881Lorie C. (3:1)NCR (Zamboanga)RBL 4627144/4/2006
2693April T. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)1953023/18/2008
1133Marco T. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)03040217/18/2006
2364Arlene C. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)8936310/17/2007
2705Wendell G. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)IV-08(07-04104)-023-2008 73/20/2008
1544Awing O. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)XI-06-156-2 (N)11/24/2007
2217Carlo V. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)1919878/27/2007
1307Emanuel F. (3:1)NCR (Zamboanga)12301259/26/2006
1218Rogelio jr. B. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)ALB-REB-63(N)28/25/2006
793Engr. lolit aguialr S. (3.3:3)NCR (Zamboanga)RB-11812/27/2006
785Karen L. (3.5:2)NCR (Zamboanga)16414112/23/2006
2703Rudy C. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)17664R13/19/2008
2448Ampy L. (0:0)NCR (Zamboanga)7451(R)111/20/2007
879Stephen B. (2.5:4)NCR (Zamboanga)on process244/4/2006
10809Beth V. (0:0)Negros Occidental (Bacalod City)111/3/2012
12322Diane -. (0:0)Negros Occidental (Bacalod City)-15/25/2013
11213Bacolod B. (0:0)Negros Occidental (Bacalod City)0000321 91/26/2013
9383Conielyn -. (0:0)Negros Occidental (Bacalod City)0007915 202/23/2012
1412Francis K. (0:0)Negros Oriental (Dumaguete)VII-013-2006 (0)211/21/2006
12495Larry R. (0:0)Negros Oriental (Dumaguete City)0042128176/6/2013
11510Erickson C. (0:0)Nueva Ecija (Aliaga)No12/21/2013
11397Louie philippe Z. (0:0)Nueva Ecija (Cabanatuan City)-202/11/2013
9875Qeuly B. (0:0)Oriental Mindoro (Mansalay)000944435/3/2012
9604Nancy P. (0:0)Palawan (Coron)-143/23/2012
3142Palawan P. (0:0)Palawan (Puerto Princesa City)No.IV-08-023-2004286/26/2008
890Tony C. (4.7:3)Palawan (Puerto Princesa City)171534/7/2006
12331Thea U. (0:0)Palawan (Puerto Princesa City)35/26/2013
1736Vivian L. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles)07-13514/1/2007
29Juden S. (2.5:4)Pampanga (Angeles)REBL PGA-196(R)99/17/2001
10872Kathleen -. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City) 00074013811/17/2012
5854Gary D. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)0003469 16/21/2011
4895Glenndie R. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)PRC 2680713/13/2010
11923Lhanz E. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)13/30/2013
12473Jocelyn . (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City) 0005221156/5/2013
11660Michael C. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)0007567 283/2/2013
2315Arlin L. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)001296179/24/2007
9514Jam S. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)937600063/10/2012
8913Cristina M. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)0004129 51/26/2012
11918Stephanie S. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)0005105273/26/2013
8735Ruby parungao P. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)PRC#1034321/9/2012
10066Mandy A. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)236/11/2012
11154Mayleen L. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)000740251/22/2013
10844Marketing M. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)00039331311/10/2012
4266Francis M. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)REB-PGA-08-224 (N)106/12/2009 P. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)00034695611/25/2007
1683Amelia A. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)PRC no. 792713/17/2007
3134Danilo R. (0:0)Pampanga (Angeles City)PGA-07-156(N)106/24/2008
10966Elvin O. (0:0)Pampanga (Guagua)2006109 3312/11/2012
2043Elvin O. (0:0)Pampanga (Guagua)REB-PGA-06-109(n)887/4/2007
9385Mark B. (0:0)Pampanga (Mabalacat)0932200 202/23/2012
12062Teamblanc -. (0:0)Pampanga (Mabalacat)0009665 184/14/2013
11560Bahay phil -. (0:0)Pampanga (Mexico)-122/26/2013
10858Lourdes B. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0007330111/13/2012
4183Agnes F. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0003655335/18/2009
694Corazon B. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)1684 510/29/2005
9259Ester "teng" A. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)873542/12/2012
11818Jhun M. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City) 0011630 203/17/2013
9384Lourdes B. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0007330 342/23/2012
6336Mprcc realty (. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0007567167/26/2011
11638Jhun M. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0011630 462/28/2013
11629Myra S. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)-12/28/2013
9459Allan S. (0:0)Pampanga (San Fernando City)0007583 63/4/2012
11750Keno S. (0:0)Pampanga (San Simon)-583/9/2013
6873Chona M. (0:0)Pangasinan (Agno)59/4/2011
9784Evelyn S. (0:0)Pangasinan (Dagupan City)000040634/19/2012
9480Penchart R. (0:0)Quezon (Lucena City)PRC Lic. No.144773/6/2012
11632Melanie L. (0:0)Rizal (Angono)-152/28/2013
8932Sharon M. (0:0)Rizal (Angono)0001238621/26/2012
10608Ennassiri E. (0:0)Rizal (Angono)6110/6/2012
9606Rodge -. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)0001238 203/23/2012
3366Ronnie D. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)4310R158/31/2008
9290Joseph D. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)0006699152/14/2012
11855Juliet P. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City) 0006699 103/24/2013
9631Nina T. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)0006699103/27/2012
11382Mary grace D. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)142/6/2013
9436Amarie ruth M. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)0018356 312/29/2012
9306Estrella O. (0:0)Rizal (Antipolo City)000903412/15/2012
11905Neri R. (0:0)Rizal (Baras)0353410 113/25/2013
11081Margie C. (0:0)Rizal (Cainta)000263211/3/2013
9243Melanie L. (0:0)Rizal (Cainta)-92/10/2012
8373Mhacy D. (0:0)Rizal (Cainta)0003200112/3/2011
11700Levita T. (0:0)Rizal (Cainta)000510923/6/2013
11864Benjie V. (0:0)Rizal (Cainta) 2748987 443/25/2013
1655Donaly Q. (0:0)Rizal (Danao)RBO68R13/2/2007
3845James roderick P. (0:0)Rizal (Las Pinas)19693102/9/2009
4958Ellen G. (0:0)Rizal (Pasig)PRC-71124/12/2010
5784Manny F. (0:0)Rizal (Pasig)REBL No. 12301 (N)505/27/2011
3297Juls H. (0:0)Rizal (Pasig)1730338/10/2008
11377Catherine G. (0:0)Rizal (Rodriguez (Montalban))-10272/6/2013
11877Mandy D. (0:0)Rizal (Rodriguez (Montalban))0000061 83/25/2013
11906Sharon d. -. (0:0)Rizal (Rodriguez (Montalban))000203763/25/2013
1126Ms virgie H. (2.1:9)Rizal (San Mateo)PRC License Broker # 382319887/15/2006
9475Pura C. (0:0)Rizal (San Mateo)0003414203/6/2012
9768Jenifer A. (0:0)Rizal (San Mateo)0010789 394/18/2012
5899Billy P. (0:0)Rizal (Taguig)PRBRES 643146/23/2011
9981Ryan bonn D. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)12840175/23/2012
9130Chris S. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)0005287 22/6/2012
7945Ann T. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)00040815111/1/2011
9047Jomar C. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)2745790 1252/3/2012
11589Ms. faye -. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)2667232/27/2013
8201Ariel B. (0:0)Rizal (Tay Tay)REBL-00046661811/18/2011
9858Allan jay E. (0:0)Sarangani (Kiamba)706714/28/2012
9769Cory H. (0:0)Sorsogon (Casiguran)Agent14/18/2012
8473Flordeliza R. (0:0)Surigao Del Norte (Surigao City (Capital))000085212/14/2011
8914Benny R. (0:0)Tarlac (Tarlac City)0003867 11/26/2012
2812Malou B. (0:0)Zambales (Olongapo)REB 07-17914/15/2008
986Mel A. (0:0)Zambales (Olongapo City)000286115/25/2006
11225Perrsady C. (0:0)Zambales (Subic)-11/28/2013
10505Grand P. (0:0)Zambales (Subic)000340939/19/2012

Total # of Listed Agents = 1443

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